We have combined Theory and Practice to make learning relevant.

We believe Physical + Digital = The most effective learning method.

Our immersive learning programs blends traditional face-to-face training with VR simulations and on-site opportunities to create individuals who are job ready.

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The results from our courses are extraordinary.

These include but not are limited to:

Increased Enrolment

Increased Completion Rates

Increased Industry Required Skills

Better Safety Skills On-site

Increased Employability

Reduced Training Time


Our Advanced Interactive Rail Learning program looks to improve safety, competency and confidence of newly recruited drivers, for learning procedural based training and modelling of safety-critical tasks and emergency environments. The course builds and maintains high quality skills which are critical for safe train driving within Australia. This course aims to combine the use of Virtual Reality technology with the standard knowledge taught on the course to provide the new recruits with the best possible skill learning for safe train driving


The Maker Immersion kit includes both a Diploma and Cert IV in Building & Construction. The kit includes a fully deployable, technologically enhanced kit for the Diploma and Cert IV in Building & Construction. The Maker kit includes a complete set of resources to train the next generation of builders. All resources are containerised within a shipping container for delivery to TAFEs and private RTOs. The Maker kit aims to address the issue of the lack of adequately skilled workers in Victoria by providing the resources required to increase the attraction, retention and skill development of learners. More Information? Head to www.makerimmersion.com.au


The Immersive Confined Spaces course is designed to provide students with knowledge, both practical and theoretical, of the safety requirements for working in confined spaces, and the potential risks and hazards involved. Through use of Virtual reality technology, this course will provide hands-on learning to ensure the best possible skill development for participants, ensuring high levels of safety once transitioned to the workforce.
Our Immersive Confined Spaces course is designed to educate workers on safely working in confined spaces. The course puts the student in various situations within both safe and dangerous environments. Looking at various aspects associated with the confined spaces they may come across. This course ensures participants are aware and how to deal of the various risks associated with confined spaces, and how to address and negate these without the need for the student to be physically placed in a confined space. This course aims to provide all the necessary skills to identify, assess and work in confined spaces.